As widely disclosed by Botmoney on all Telegram channels and through official announcements, Botmoney has been working on new technologies that are gradually being put into use by the general public, even changing the business model that was previously marketed.

The total transition to new technologies requires a long and often time-consuming process to be fully carried out, which can cause delays in the provision of services and inconvenience to customers and employees, which is completely understandable.

However, throughout the process of creating new technologies and making them available for use by customers, there were several critical situations that were beyond the company's control, such as problems in the development and access to technologies, problems with employees in relation to the development of contracted services, problems with outsourced companies, among others.

By understanding that the client cannot suffer due to the company's internal problems, the next phase of technology transition will translate into the transfer of all assets belonging to the clients to their digital wallets. In this way, the customer will be able to decide whether to continue using Botmoney's products (already in the new technologies and platforms) or to use their assets for other purposes.

The transition to the next phase will take place as follows:

The user will request the withdrawal of assets on the Botmoney platform, inserting a digital wallet owned by him/her under the WUSD contract in the Polygon network;
Botmoney will transfer the assets to the digital wallet informed by the user;
The transaction hash will be kept together with the customer's digital wallet, for purposes of proving the amount transferred, date and wallet to which it was transferred;
The user will receive the assets in their wallet, which they can transfer to the new Botmoney platform, or use them for other purposes they wish.
According to the Terms and Conditions of Use of the Botmoney platform, the company is not responsible for errors made by users in the act of digital wallet information, as well as for false information sent by users.

It is recommended that the user only use a digital wallet owned by him and verify all the information before sending it to the Botmoney platform.

Botmoney is not responsible for the use of assets for purposes other than the products offered on the platform, and the user is fully responsible for the sale, transfer or use of assets for purposes other than those offered in their digital wallet.

After the users receive the assets in their wallets and, if they decide not to continue using the products on the new Botmoney platform, the user will be aware that he will no longer be considered a customer of the Botmoney company, and his user registration will be maintained only for purposes of legal records.

Receiving redeemed tokens

To receive your WUSD cryptocurrencies in your DeFi wallet you need to add a custom token from the Polygon Mainnet network with the following address:

WUSD Contract (Web Dex):


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