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USDW3 to WUSD exchange request

Dear Botmoney customers! Holders of USDW3.

One of the biggest challenges for technology companies is security, hence the constant need to update our systems and tokens.

With the advancement of technology we will be able to make updates less laborious and provide more and more security and ease for the liquidity of tokens.

The WUSD token now has an update to its compiler, which provides better performance for financial automation. Additionally, this upgrade allows the token to run on both the Polygon network and the Binance Smart Chain (BNB) network, offering greater flexibility and scalability for our users.

Follow procedure:

Please complete and submit the USDW3 Exchange Request Form:
Please send us your USDW3 balance to be exchanged to the following wallet*: 0x08716B8DE4a73AdB5A9735199F092217a6d7f8f6
Then send us the transaction hash link.
*You need to have the MATIC (Polygon) token to pay the token transfer gas fee.

USDW3 contract: 0x89F98423660347264341572E7A37aFB5f6863701

Send the voucher link to facilitate our conference.

Your proof of submission is easily found when making the transfer or accessing the wallet history.

To receive your WUSD (Web Dex) cryptocurrencies in your wallet you need to add a custom token on the Polygon Mainnet network

with the following address in your wallet:

WUSD contract: 0xbE48e08dB415cc17b9a2F12cd943558a2d5a7163

CRM form will load here


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