The Autotrade Revolution with Botmoney

In a world where technology is rapidly transforming various sectors, the financial market could not be left behind. With the goal of democratizing access to financial operations and facilitating the investment process, Botmoney was born. It is an autotrade platform that aims to simplify and automate financial transactions. In this article, we will explore Botmoney's journey, from its conception to future plans and how this technology has impacted the lives of many entrepreneurs and investors. 

What is botmoney 

A Technology Company Focused on Developing Software for Automated Trading in the Financial Market.

Botmoney is an advanced and highly customizable platform that specializes in automation of financial operations. It is designed for people without technical programming or financial operation knowledge. Additionally, the platform provides an expert to guide the implementation process, along with a support team ready to assist clients at any time.

With Botmoney, you can set up personalized trading strategies and take advantage of market opportunities quickly and efficiently, maximizing your results. But that's not all! The platform also offers methods and technology for marketing campaigns, helping beginner entrepreneurs capture new customers in the digital environment.

Botmoney speaks to you

Botmoney is a platform that was founded in January 2018, after the bitcoin boom at the end of 2017. The company realized that the financial market was undergoing a great transformation, with new opportunities emerging, and many people not having access to these opportunities. BotMoney's biggest challenge was to make these opportunities accessible to the average person, while providing a pleasant experience with consistent long-term returns.

In the beginning, BotMoney faced difficulties, as it had to conduct various tests and research to determine the available and accessible technology in 2018. It became evident that the company would need its own technology to put into practice a simple method that everyone knows but doesn't know how to use in practice. Therefore, in August 2018, BotMoney started its MVP, the first version of the platform, with the purpose of validating the LPM method and creating accessible, simple, and didactic technology. In just three steps, any person could configure a financial operation and obtain consistent profitability, even if they had never operated in the financial market or had no familiarity with technology.

The first version of the platform used an integration with a chatbot within Telegram, allowing the robot to interact with the user by asking three simple questions. These questions formed the basis for configuring an investment strategy.

The LPM method was developed based on this beginning and these three questions. The method emphasizes clear and well-defined logic to eliminate the risk of making emotional decisions and assuming risks disproportionate to one's reality. When it comes to financial operations, decisions need to be based on reason, not emotions.

After defining the Logic of an investment, one must evaluate the Probabilities of that operation. Evaluating probabilities requires applying a logical and well-known rule of not putting all one's eggs in one basket.

It is only possible to evaluate a scenario of probabilities more efficiently if one can apply rational logic to the business, and nothing is better than a robot to define logic and probabilities.

Lastly, Management is the rule that guarantees the consistent success of the previous rules. Management is the foundation of everything in this world, whether in one's personal or professional life. Good management will define one's long-term results and consistency in any business or relationship.

BotMoney validated this method in practice with few users, without any media or marketing, and its success was organic and exponential. Just a few months after launching the second version of the MVP, the platform began to become popular among ordinary people who had never operated in the financial market, let alone had access to such innovative technologies. However, as the platform was still in the experimental phase, and there was no formalized structure, the pandemic hit, changing the lives of many people, including BotMoney's first customers.

During the pandemic, many people lost their jobs and were struggling with the crisis that was spreading day by day. It was during this period of difficulty that many people found in BotMoney an opportunity for a profitable and scalable business. Although the technology was still in the experimental phase, and there was no structured project, BotMoney attracted the interest of many people because of its simplicity and practicality in configuring an operation.

As the saying goes, the early bird catches the worm. Those who decided to take a risk and use a new, unknown technology in the experimental phase without any formal structure had great returns based on the risk they assumed. Few people had the opportunity to go through the pandemic with safety and money in their pockets. The few customers who joined BotMoney during this time benefited greatly from the platform. 

We are already profiting from USDT

It is with great pleasure that we inform you that the Botmoney platform now has four strategies to make the USDT token profitable directly in our clients' DeFi wallet.

This means that there is no need to transfer or entrust your tokens to third parties. Simply connect to the platform and start making profits with immediate liquidity.


Logic is a field of study that is dedicated to investigating the principles of correct reasoning. It is widely used in various areas, such as philosophy, mathematics, and computer science. In practice, logic is applied to evaluate the validity of arguments and make decisions in a consistent and rational manner.


Probability, in turn, is a branch of mathematics that deals with the analysis of uncertain or random situations. It is used to quantify the likelihood of a certain event occurring, taking into account various factors that may influence it. Probability is widely used in areas such as statistics, physics, economics, and social sciences.


Management, in turn, is a set of practices and techniques aimed at efficiently and effectively managing resources in order to achieve certain objectives. It is applied in various contexts, such as businesses, non-profit organizations, governments, and even in personal life. Management involves skills such as leadership, planning, organization, and control.

Unraveling the Difference Between Investment Companies and Technology Companies 

Understanding the difference between Botmoney and investment companies is essential to avoid confusion and unfounded objections. Botmoney is a technology company that is dedicated to developing innovative solutions to automate trading in the financial market, with the aim of helping entrepreneurs and investors diversify and improve their business skills.

It stands out for its transparency, ethics, and commitment to technological development, always seeking to provide tools that can improve the performance of its users in the financial market. Unlike investment companies, Botmoney does not manage assets or offer financial services, focusing exclusively on its role as a technology provider.

To ensure a correct perception of Botmoney, it is essential that entrepreneurs and investors understand its business model and the importance of its focus on technology development. Only then will it be possible to adequately evaluate the company and its solutions and use its resources responsibly and consciously.

In summary, Botmoney is a company that seeks innovation and efficiency in the financial market through the development of technological solutions. With a technology-centered approach, it differentiates itself from investment companies and consolidates itself as a relevant and trustworthy player in the trading automation sector. 

Market analysis tools:

Botmoney develops market analysis tools that allow investors to better understand market trends and patterns. This helps investors identify business opportunities and make more accurate investment decisions.

Automated trading:

Through its automated trading software, Botmoney offers investors the possibility of executing trading strategies efficiently and accurately, without the need for constant monitoring. 

AI and Machine Learning:

Botmoney uses advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to continuously improve its solutions and offer investors increasingly sophisticated and efficient tools. 

Demystifying Objections Regarding Botmoney

About us


Botmoney values transparency and ethics in its business practices. It does not encourage the dissemination of its technology without proper understanding of the business and seeks to create a community of responsible and conscious entrepreneurs.

About us


The Botmoney differentiates itself from investment companies by focusing on the development and delivery of innovative technological solutions. Its main objective is to help entrepreneurs and investors improve their business skills and make more informed financial decisions.

About us


The best way to ensure the reliability of Botmoney is to research its reputation in the market. The company has a history of developing efficient and innovative technological solutions, as well as being concerned with the sustainable growth of its users.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the financial market?

The financial market is an environment where investors and companies trade securities and financial instruments, such as stocks, fixed-income securities, currencies, and commodities.

How do autotrader robots work?

The autotrader robots operate in the financial market in an automated way, following strategies defined by the investor. They can be customized according to the investor's profile and market conditions.

Is it safe to invest in the financial market?

The financial market involves risks and it is important for investors to be aware of them. However, with the help of experts and appropriate tools, it is possible to minimize these risks and maximize results.

How Botmoney can help investors to profit more in the financial market?

Botmoney offers a White Label blockchain-based autotrader platform that allows for the automation of financial operations and customization of trading strategies. With this, it is possible to take advantage of market opportunities quickly and efficiently, maximizing results.

Is Botmoney easy to use?

Yes, Botmoney is an intuitive and easy-to-use platform, designed to simplify the use of people who do not have technical knowledge in programming or financial operations. In addition, the platform offers complete training and expert support to assist customers in every step of the process.

What is the difference between Botmoney and other autotrader robots?

Botmoney is a blockchain-based, highly customizable White Label platform with a complete admin panel. In addition, the platform offers methods and technology for marketing campaigns, helping beginner entrepreneurs to capture new customers in the digital environment.

What is the security guarantee for financial operations at Botmoney?

Botmoney is based on blockchain, which guarantees the security and reliability of automated financial operations. In addition, the platform offers specialized support and a complete administrative panel to control and monitor the performance of the autotrader robot.


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