Dear Client,

We appreciate your interest and would like to provide technical clarification regarding the recent implementation of the USDT strategy on our platform.

The demand for the development of an automatic trading algorithm, focused on USDT in the DeFi environment, originated from our own customers. The strategy is crucial to providing stability to the WUSD token while simultaneously generating volume for automatic liquidity.

Our experience when operating the WUSD token with a robot, without automated mechanisms for creating a liquidity pool with other tokens, highlighted the need to improve this strategy. Thus, we eliminate the dependency on the user's manual process. The basis for the liquidity of the WUSD token now lies in automation, on par with other highly liquid tokens.

Our ultimate goal is to provide liquidity for the WUSD token. We just implemented this new platform after validating the WUSD trading strategy without liquidity pool automation. Our team of developers is committed to the constant search for efficient technological solutions.

Recently, our company suffered a significant setback with the loss of all data, compromising the technology developed in the first version. We were forced to rebuild from scratch, a challenging process for everyone involved. However, we maintained our commitment to work to deliver results.

We currently have a new decentralized platform with more efficient support and we are improving our communication, developing support materials and helping each customer with the company's new process.

We appreciate our customers' patience and understanding during this transition period and ask that they carefully assess the risks before making any business decisions.

We reiterate our commitment to seek solutions to increase the liquidity of the WUSD and keep it profitable for our clients. At the moment, the USDT strategy is the most effective one for Wusd liquidity.

We regret any inconvenience and assure you that we are working diligently to resolve this situation as quickly as possible. We appreciate your understanding and remain at your disposal for any further clarification.

Yours sincerely,
Botmoney team


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We are already profiting from USDT

It is with great pleasure that we inform you that the Botmoney platform now has four strategies to make the USDT token profitable directly in our clients' DeFi wallet.

This means that there is no need to transfer or entrust your tokens to third parties. Simply connect to the platform and start making profits with immediate liquidity. 


Botmoney will never ask you for your wallet's private key.

The security of operations is a constant concern for those who operate with cryptocurrencies. It is important to be aware that Botmoney will never ask for your cryptocurrency wallet private key.

The private key is extremely sensitive information as it is the only way to access your wallet and therefore your funds. Therefore, it is essential to keep it safe and never share it with anyone.

Unfortunately, there are malicious people who try to impersonate Botmoney or other cryptocurrency companies to gain access to operators' private key. These phishing attempts can happen via email, text message, or even over the phone.

To avoid falling for scams like this, it's important to always verify the authenticity of the source requesting your private key. Make sure that the message or call really came from Botmoney and, in case of doubt, contact the company directly through the official service channels.

In summary, Botmoney takes the security of its customers very seriously and will never ask for the private key of your cryptocurrency wallet. Keep your private key safe and always be on the lookout for attempted scams.


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